Entering this Special Session, Texas PTA is proud to continue building upon their long-standing legacy of advocating to make every child’s potential a reality within the following pillars: Supporting Student Success, Health and Safety, Meaningful Assessment and Accountability, and Strengthening Public Schools. Priorities for this legislative session continue to include but are not limited to the following:
Public School Funding System 
Pursue legislation that increases the basic allotment and funds public education based on enrollment versus attendance.

Oppose legislation that authorizes state funds to be used to pay for private school tuition and related costs.

Teacher and Staff Shortage and Retention

Pursue legislation that addresses teacher and staff shortages and improves retention.

Student Mental Health 

Pursue mental health legislation, including systems to identify students in need of intervention, and programs and services designed to help keep students mentally strong and prepared to cope with personal challenges.

A-F Accountability System

Pursue legislation impacting the state’s A-F system. Advocate for an accountability system that more broadly reviews school performance and includes a family engagement component.

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