Reflections has been a staple arts program in many schools for over 50 years. Through this effort, millions of students have found a creative outlet in the areas of dance choreography, film production, literature, music composition, photography, and visual arts. Read more about the program here.

With positive recognition as the focus of this program, rather than competition, students of all ages and abilities can experience the benefits of creative expression in telling their unique story.
The 2023-2024 Reflections theme: I am Hopeful Because... 

Hosp Elementary 

✨Reflections Program Stars✨


Dance Choreography

Presenting Reflections Stars of Dance Choreography showing their creative flair for being hopeful through Dance! Take a look by following the link to these talented performances!


Dance by 4th grader, Abigail DellAccio 

Title: The Climb

Dance by 3rd grader, Ira Tirumala 

Title: I am hopeful because the world is open to be creative in many ways.


Dance by 3rd grader, Sienna Hajibashi

Title: Shine Bright Like a Diamond 


Dance by 4th grader, Vaishnavi Govula

Title: Gam Gam Ganapathi



Film Production

With film production, this creator is able to explain why she is hopeful through her great speaking voice:

Film Production by 1st grader, Mridini Mooga

Title: Why I am hopeful 🎬



Using their work of literature, these creators give us the written expression of hopefulness:

Poem by 4th grader, Vaishnavi Govula

Title: Fading

Essay by 2nd grader, Vibhav Oza

Title: I am hopeful that pollution will Reduce because 

Music Composition 

Relax and listen to the tunes of the hopeful Music Composers below! 

Piano Music Composition by 4th grader, Aariz Syed

Title: Waves of Happiness

Ukulele Music Compostion by 4th grader, Vaishnavi Govula

Title: Raindrops 


Visual Arts & Photography

Please enjoy the unique and creative visual interpretation of why these artists are hopeful!


Reflections Stars Art Wall



Reflections Visual Arts and Photography Entry Slideshow:


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