Dear HOSP Families and Students,


Have you thought of 'REDUCE or REUSE or RECYCLE' at least a few times in the last two months? If yes -- you are doing your part towards a cleaner, greener Environment for our community!


Our students have been doing classroom recycling; and Parents - it's time we join them and participate in the upcoming 'Plastic Bag/Film Recycling Drive' in the week of October 23rd to 27th !


The Recycle Bin for drop off is already located at the main entrance of our school. Additionally, we also have Collection Bins outside each house if you wish to send this with your student!  


Please refer to the Attachment to see which type of plastic can go into these bins. (E.g. Dirty food wrappers are not allowed!). Final pickup is scheduled for Friday, Oct 27 at 2 pm. 


This drive is coordinated by the City of Frisco - All Frisco ISD Schools are competing next week to see who can collect the most plastic bags to be recycled during Oct 23-27. Join in and help Hosp win this recycling contest!  🏆 Thank you for your support! 🌿




[After Recycle, please also support us for Reduce & Reuse: When shopping for our upcoming Book Fair- HOSP PTA is requesting parents to get their own shopping bags as much as possible! ]



                     Green Fact # 1 :  In 2015 about 730,000 tons of plastic bags, sacks and wraps were generated - but more than 87% of those items were never recycled - winding up in landfills and the ocean!  


                     Green Fact # 2 :  Single Stream Recycling facilities do Not have an easy way to pull out plastic bags and recycle them! Bags end up jamming recycling machinery and causing delays in other recycling.


                     Green Fact # 3 :  Last year Frisco ISD recycled over 63,000 bags during this one week!!