The Environmental Committee had a successful year, with completion of multiple programs involving kids and community during the school year 2023-24!

Plastic Bags Recycling Drive for HOSP:

 HOSP PTA Environmental Committee undertook the Plastic Bag Recycle Drive for HOSP Campus, in coordination with the City of Frisco’s Environmental Education dept.
 This drive took place in the week of October 23rd to 27h. Collection Bins were placed across the Campus and near Front Office, with help of Custodians.
 Our school collected over 40 lb of plastic bags to recycle and placed 7th in all FISD school campuses for this recycle drive. We surely made an impact!


Battery Recycling Drive for HOSP:
 We participated on behalf of HOSP Elementary in the Battery Recycle Drive - that was coordinated by City Of Frisco’s Environmental education program
 Collection drive took place in the week of Jan 15 th to Jan 19 th
 Our school did a collection of over 90 pounds of old batteries - and took the 6th place amongst 80+ FISD campuses!
 Please note that our school continues to keep the battery tube for recycling batteries during school hours!

 Thank you to all the Hosp families, kids who contributed to both the Recycling Drives – and also a Big Thanks to the Front office staff, Secretary for hosting the pickups!


Earth Month (April’24) Programs:

In the duration of March-last week to May-1st week, in order to celebrate Earth Month (April), we undertook and completed 3 different programs for HOSP:

Activity # 1 : Videos for Kindness TV on Earth Month Topics
 Parents submitted to us ( short videos (Abt 10) of Kids talking about Environmental topics, such as : Recycling, Keeping communities Clean of Trash, Helping Parents Plant, Saving Water, Food rescue, etc..
 These videos (or part of them) were then broadcasted on Kindness TV’s morning announcements during April and May!
 Most of the videos were also broadcasted – with Parent’s permission – on Hosp PTA Facebook and SM pages!

Activity # 2 : Earth Month Bingo
 Bingo Games were designed and approved for 2 grade categories : K-2, 3-5
 Kids were to complete as many activities as possible on their respective Bingos in April’24, get a signature by Parents and submit to the school.
 All Activities were related to making good choices for Environment and communities or enjoying nature & outdoors! Some examples : Picking up street litter in your community; Quick showers (save water), Switch Off Lights (Save electricity); Learn on TV about Animals or Clean Energy; Help parents with Recycling or Planting; Hike-Bike-Walk or Volunteer!
 We have had over 30 submissions. PTA is sponsoring Fun prizes for the Grade level Winners!


 Activity # 3: Clean It & Green It

 HOSP elementary school and PTA joined the City of Frisco Environmental services, once again to participate in this annual event on 27th April, 2024.
 A Team – ‘HOSP Helpers’ – of about 25 volunteers (Students and Parents) came together to clean the school grounds and picked up a lot of trash! (Even though some families could not join due to weather-based rescheduling of event – all the participating students showed good spirit to clean up their school!)
 Supplies and T-shirts were given by City of Frisco to All participants – and treats provided by PTA for kids!


 Ongoing : Recycling Initiative for HOSP Cafeteria
 This initiative continues from last year -- Recycle bins are still in use in Hosp Café, to put in Plastic bottles and cans during lunchtimes.
 An Audit may be needed Next school year, with a presentation for new students!


 Actively Participated to celebrate the National Walk To School Day & Bike To School day – which were organized by the Healthy Lifestyle Chair:
o Walk & Roll to school Day: was celebrated on October 11th. Many Students, parents gathered near school to celebrate Walker/Bikers to school! Many students arrived early to grab some swags and prizes from sponsors, and Fruit & Water.
o Bike & Roll to school Day: Is planned for May 8 th.

Gifts & Swags for our GREEN Team 5th Graders, and coordinator Mrs London, for their dedication and hard work on the Friday cleanups around school!


Environmental committee would like to extend sincere thanks to:

The City of Frisco-ENV services, All Volunteers and Participants (students & parents) of above programs, Front office- Mrs Liz Smith, Secretary- Heather Hayward, Env Teacher liaison-Mrs London and Kindness TV coordinator-Mrs Hockenberry, PTA Board and PTA Tech chair Ms Sridharan –
for all their support and coordination in organizing and executing these programs!